We know we've been a bit quiet of late but we haven't gone away and nor has the problem we set out to address three and a half years ago.

As you know, the issue of refugees no longer makes the front pages and this means that some of the groups set up to support refugees have fallen away in the last while due to lack of support and funds. Some of these groups were part of our logistical network, making it more difficult for us to deliver our objectives. The uncertainty around Brexit has also made it difficult to arrange trips to France in the last few months. 

However, we are working out how to continue to support refugees, particularly in Greece and Uganda, as well as France and will be forming new partnerships, although this will lead to increased logistics costs for StAR.

Please bear with us while we work it out and please consider sticking £5 in the pot to help with increased costs of delivery.

Fundraising - donations always happily received and you can see how to do that here

We do have the happiest volunteers!

Interview with Liz Needham on the journey to Calais on  6th February 2016.

StAR volunteers delivering food in the Calais Jungle along with volunteers from the Al Nazir Welfare Trust.

St Albans for Refugees is a registered charity (1167679) and a not for profit company limited by guarantee (company no. 09899830).